Adding & Removing Users

  • How can I add or remove users from my business account?

    The administrator of your account can add or remove users by following these steps: a) To add someone to your account:
    i) Log in to and go to the ‘Users’ section.
    ii) Click add users.
    iii) Fill in the relevant details.
    iv) Choose their role.
    v) Click add/create at the bottom of the page.
    vi) The user will receive an auto-generated email with instructions to join your account. b) To block /remove someone from your account
    i) Log in to and go to the ‘Users’ section
    ii) Click on the ‘more’ option against the person you want to block/remove
    iii) Click on the block option

  • What are the various roles available for a user?

    We have created various roles to provide flexibility and to enable you to manage risk and authority through various levels of control:
    i) Admin User: an ‘Admin’ has the complete account management rights related to recipients and remittances. Admins can also add more users to the account.
    ii) User and Fund Manager: a ‘User and Fund Manager’ is allowed to add/edit/block users and also manage the subscriptions.
    iii) Recipient Maker: a ‘Recipient Maker’ can add/edit/block/delete recipients to the system.
    iv) Recipient Checker: a ‘Recipient Checker’ approve a recipient record post any addition/edition made.
    v) Remittance Maker: a ‘Remittance Maker’ can make a remittance transaction and also edit/cancel a pending remittance transaction.
    vi) Remittance Checker: a Remittance Checker approves or rejects a pending remittance transaction.Transactions are executed by RemitSend only after Remittance Checker approval.

  • How do we get updated on the status of various users which has been created?

    We will keep you updated with each user status in your account.
    i) Unverified: the Admin has invited the user to, but the user has not accepted the invite.
    ii) Pending KYC: the user has accepted the invite by clicking on the link mentioned in the welcome email but has not submitted his/her KYC documents.
    iii) Active: the user has successfully completed the KYC in the system and has been given access to the active dashboard.
    iv) Rejected: the user could not be verified and was rejected by the RemitSend legal/compliance team.
    v) Blocked: the user has been blocked by the Admin.
    vi) Update Unverified: user needs to verify updates to their details including the phone number and email id, via OTP and email verification.

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