Adding Recipients

  • Why do I need to add a recipient?

    You are required to add the recipient details so we know where and to whom we need to send the money. You have the options to save-as-favorite, block or even permanently remove any recipient from your list.

  • Who needs to approve the recipient added in the system?

    Subject to your company’s rules, the administrator of the account or the user assigned with the rights under ‘Recipient Approver’ may need to approve any new recipient added. This feature is built to restrict fraud and enable you to practice internal control systems.

  • What is the meaning of various status labels shown for the recipient records, under the recipient section?

    We like to keep you updated with the status of each recipient you have added.
    a. Pending: recipient record has been made by the ‘Recipient Maker’ and waiting to be approved.
    b. Active: recipient record has been checked and approved by the ‘Recipient Checker’. The recipient is now available for remittance.
    c. Rejected: recipient record has been checked and rejected by the ‘Recipient Checker’. ‘Recipient Maker’ can add a new record with corrections suggested by the checker (if any) for approval.
    d. Blocked: recipients can be blocked temporarily and can be unblocked later. The blocked recipient is not available for Remittance.

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