Understanding Subscription

  • What are the charges for Remittance on your Platform?

    RemitSend is committed to help you save your fees for each transaction made and charges you a flat fee per transaction irrespective of the amount and the country you remit to, unlike other banks. It offers innovative subscription options, to best suit your business needs. You can choose your subscription plan during registration or from your dashboard.
    The subscription plans are as below:
    Max - 20 remittances @$8.90 each (Quarterly $178)
    Value - 5 remittances @$9.90 each (Monthly $49)
    Flexi -$11.90/transaction

  • Who can make the changes in the subscription payment features for my account?

    We are committed to ensure security for your account and have restricted only Admins of the company to be allowed to manage payment features. This is accessible from the dashboard under ‘My Subscriptions’.

  • How can I change the payment method?

    You can change the payment method from the ‘My Subscriptions’ section in the dashboard. You may add or update the new card details, as required. We will charge from the next billing cycle.

  • How can I cancel the subscription?

    We recommend you to opt for the best subscription plan as it suits your business needs and avails the preferential fees. In case you are required to cancel your existing plan, you may do the same under the ‘My Subscriptions’ section in the dashboard. Once you cancel, we will no longer charge you for your previously opted subscription. But as we stay committed to offer you a fixed fee per transaction and save against bank charges, we will move you to Flexi Plan and you will be charged a per transaction fee when you make a remittance using our services.

  • How can I upgrade /downgrade /change my subscription?

    We will always like you to save and hence we give the flexibility to adjust your subscription plan, as it suits your business requirements. You can upgrade/downgrade/change your subscription at any point, by accessing the ‘My Subscription’ section in your account. You can also opt to start the new subscription immediately by clicking on ‘Start Now’ in My Subscription > Upcoming Subscription section. Your new/modified subscription plan will come into effect once the previous subscription expires (reaches end date).

  • Why am I charged fees for transactions despite buying a subscription?

    Each subscription plan offers a limited number of transactions. If you have utilized all the available number of transactions limit as offered, and have not renewed your subscription, you are then moved to the ‘Flexi’ plan. Under this plan, you are still charged a flat fee but at the time of making the remittance.

  • I made the subscription payment, but my profile is under review. Why?

    Your money is safe, and your subscription will start when you get the access to RemitSend active dashboard, i.e., once the verification is complete. You will also receive an email upon successful verification.

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